A Charming Back And Forth Between The Dangerous And The Wise

by Duncan Jones

Called the dangerous, golden crown
While looking down on all around
“It’s a shame, such a shame
Today? One’s last to play the game
Sorry, someone’s time is done here
Fare thee well, it's time to run dear!”
And the dangerous then moved slowly in the grass

Light and silent watched the wise
"No, I will not become a prize
Stay so still, oh so still
I must have the stronger will
Where am I? They’ll have to wonder
Leave unsatisfied, no plunder!"
Whispered lightly in the long grass the wise

"Move a muscle, twitch, or rustle
And we’ll see how you can hustle
Look this way, stray, or sway
Make your play my sweet entrée
Better chance with me behind you
Than to wait until I find you!”
Called the dangerous once more, once more

“Da! Sí! Oui! Merci beaucoup!
But it’s ‘nein’ I say to you
Pay attention, close attention
For there’s more than what they mention
Oh I know that they say one thing
But what else? Yes there is something!”
And the wise stayed unmoving in the grass

“Come, come, please don’t be shy now
Go ahead, go on and try now
Best of luck, you’ll need luck
Here I come my sitting duck
Ready, set, yes I have spied you
Told you, warned you, yes I tried to!”
Called the dangerous, called the dangerous once more

“Well your sweet enticing tune says
We’ll be meeting, fighting soon yes
But your words, silly words
No more threat than are the birds
And though they all admire
Call you sire, you’re a liar!
You don’t see me!” And the wise stayed still

Then came an end to lovely speak
And it was time for hide and seek
Then go fast! Don’t be last!
And the grass was flying past
And when over was their song, the thrill
It wasn’t very long until
The dangerous called again to the wise