A Harmless, Quick Reminder

by Duncan Jones

The king and queen were silent
For a guest was in the den
And though they were polite
This for sure was not a friend

The hooded one came quietly
And hidden in the night
As silent as a shadow
And never one to fight

She caught them both off guard
The lovely, regal pair
One moment they were lying down
Then next, well, she was there

She whispered softly to the king
She whispered to the queen
She whispered to the sleeping pride
While moving in between

Then looking back and smiling
She blew the king a kiss
And with the tension rising
The queen began to hiss

But the royals held their tongues
And the hooded one moved on
She left the sleeping lions
And into the night was gone

A harmless, quick reminder
Though not exactly one to savor
That even kings and queens
Must stay in the cobra's favor