A Horse Named Bicycle

by Duncan Jones

A horse named Bicycle tore through the woods
The lone rider dared not to look back
“It’s a good thing that all of these sidewalks are stone
And dry like this won’t leave a track!”

The green lights were signals from his people ahead
The army behind him was coming
As he’d pass they would help him, turn yellow then red
And angry the army was drumming

Nobody could catch them, all arrows would miss
And Bicycle never got tired
Until one sudden “whoosh!” and Bicycle fell flat
An arrow with magic was fired!

“It won’t end like this I won’t leave you my friend
You’ve carried me all of this way
Now to sneak back behind the the whole army again ...”
In his eyes could be seen his dismay

Down an alley so dark, and then back through a park
The strollers with mothers looked on
“All spies for the Queen, no doubt about that!”
But when came down the rain they were gone

Then into the smith where Bicycle was fixed
And repaired his foot shot by the spear
"Here’s for my horse, and here’s for your story
That says that we never were here!”

“Are you ready old friend? The streets are now empty
Something big scared away all the guns
The wolves and the clouds and the dragons are near
We can still make it though if we run ...”

One races a bicycle through the streets pretending that he’s riding a horse with an army at his heels. When he has a flat tire he pretends that his horse has been shot by an arrow. Simply walking the bike down an alley and past a park to a nearby bike shop he is now dodging the Queen’s spies, really just mothers with their babies in the park who all leave when it starts to rain. When his “horse” is fixed by the mechanic at the bike shop, he pretends that his tip is payment for the mechanic to say nothing of him stopping by, as he assumes the Queen’s men will be searching for him. Now later in the night, he heads back out to find the streets, because of the weather, are empty. He decides that the army is no longer out in the streets because something even more dangerous has scared them all away. The rainy night is now full of wolves and dragons, but he tells his “horse” they can make it if they run.