A Place That's Quite Funny

by Duncan Jones

Let’s round up a gathering
So come, gather round gals and guys
And I’ll tell a true tale
That’s as tall as the skies

Please lend me your eyes
And keep your ears peeled
Keep your lips to yourself
And keep your hands sealed

See a long time away
In a place far ago
Where the winters were hot
And the summers had snow

Where the trees were so pretty
And the flowers so tall
Where school started in Spring
And let out in the Fall

Was a kingdom quite brave
With knights very old
Where the miners found grain
And the farmers grew gold

All the women would run
And could sing like fast horses
And since no one got married
There were never divorces

All the men looked like oxen
And were as strong as a model
Every baby had a mother
And each mother a bottle

All the cats had old ladies
Rainy days were quite sunny
Everybody was rich
But nobody had money

All the children had jobs
And the parents rode bikes
And on Holidays made lists
Of all their dislikes

Nobody had birthdays
But every day they’d eat cake
For dinner was candy
And for dessert? A nice steak

The cats chased the dogs
And the dogs walked themselves
Teens had books on the floor
And clothes on bookshelves

Now …

If you’re sitting there thinking
“What on Earth could one say
Of this place that’s quite funny
In a strange kind of way?”

Well … if they looked at us
They’d think we’re funny too
And wonder why we build houses
When we could live at the zoo

So please keep in sight
And don’t lose mind of the fact
That when you look at somebody
They are looking right back

And know that whatever you hear
May not match what you’ve seen
They might make you look twice
Or be as weird a can be

But take a chance on giving
And give them a chance
Because less not than often
We need more than a glance

To know who someone’s made of
Or what really they are
Whether they drive a nice bus
Or ride to work on a car

So with others be nice
And to all play polite
It’s been very nice talking with you
Have a good day and good night