Hello and welcome, my name is Duncan Jones, and for anyone wondering where the stories and illustrations come from please meet the wild man. He was the kid who didn't go home when the sun went down, who now runs forever in the long grass and owns the night. Knows the tales in the wind and moves with the great herds. Silent as the tiger and faster than the gazelle, no one has ever seen him twice. I hope you will join me and be entertained in the process! It's a Wild World ... Keep It Wild!

Side by side of Duncan vs The Wild Man

"Duncan Jones is the creator of a delightfully wild collection of poems, short stories, and illustrations. Drawing inspiration from the animal kingdom and all things untamed, his work combines innocent and clever rhyming with just a hint of dangerous charm that's sure to keep all ages entertained. He's absolutely obsessed with wildlife, bicycles, coffee, and running fast. Duncan lives in Austin, TX, and when not writing or daydreaming about wildlife he can likely be found somewhere outside, on the hunt for great coffee, or dancing at one of the local hot spots. He also likes to keep his shoes tied (for the eyes in the grass are always watching!)"

Great ideas do not wait for you to be sitting at a desk with a pen in your hand. Sometimes they go sprinting across a field, having passed right in front of you. And if you don't pull the car over and go chase them, well ... that would just be a shame.