Almost Had A Chance

by Duncan Jones

Almost Had A Chance
Wasn’t known to be a threat
In fact he wasn’t known by any
So not many placed a bet

Though how quickly they would learn!
He could run like he had wings
Just not the look they looked for
So not thought the surest thing

All had their special reasons …
"Too new! "That name is cursed!"
"Don’t bet on one who’s never run!"
"He’s never come in first!"

Well racing day had made it’s way
Came the money and the suits
Came the cocktails and the flowered hats
And the shiny leather boots

Floating whispers met with wishes
And soon became hot tips
And the stands grew full of certainties
Like "That one always slips!"

And "That one runs too wide on turns
And slows up when she’s passed!"
And "That one always places third!"
And "That one closes fast!"

So bets had come a-rollin’ in
From those who’d seen a sign
Most placed upon known winners …
"She’s Long Gone" and "Mighty Fine"

And when the racers found the line
Fans stood and left their chairs
And the second guesses woke up
And the facts turned into prayers

Then the ringing of that famous bell …
And binoculars were raised
And the crowd once full of gentlemen
Had gone completely crazed

Racers turned into a thunder
Dust flew amid the shouting
But it all soon lost it’s flavor
As the cheering turned to pouting

And by the time they crossed the line
The crowd seemed almost dead
For not one of them had ever seen
A horse that far ahead

It was clear before the second turn
That all had met their match
And even with a little luck
There’d been no chance to catch

He was faster off the start
He was faster down the stretch
And the paper needed much more paper
Just to print the sketch

No the winner wasn’t Golden Touch
Sure Thing or Fancy Pants
Mighty Fine, She’s Long Gone, no
It was Almost Had A Chance

Oh his team knew all about him
They had named him well of course
"In deciding what to call him
We chose every other horse!"

And now when time is time
For the suits to make a bid
It’s always Almost Had A Chance
Or they never really did

So should you place a bet one day
No matter what the game
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover
Don’t judge a horse by his name