An Elegant And Rather Heated Conversation

by Duncan Jones

Sometimes a great show is put on before the finest hunts the finest. And when this happens a great crowd gathers, as both sides want all the kingdom to see. What you read below is some of the dialogue during one of those times ...

The King looked out upon the Stripes “I’ve got you in my sight
Tread lightly through the grasses friend or you’ll be mine tonight!”

“Well I hope you brought your ladies or we know I’ll be alright
But if I tire of your chasing I should love to turn and fight!”

“And if they’re hiding in the grass ...? Well for you it matters not
I’ve got you in my sight ... and I don’t lose that which I’ve sought
I’m glad you speak of running though, tonight you’ll run a lot
Though fortune smiles upon you not, tonight the air is hot ...”

“Let’s not forget that one on one you certainly would cower
From those like me too big and strong, who rumble and so tower
So I take it you’ve not sought or thought who really holds the power
I look forward to our dance tonight, and you can choose the hour!”

“Your boldness is commendable, I’m glad that all can see
You make a solid point though Stripes, I’m convinced, I shall agree
Why should I hunt you one on one and risk you running free?
No ... tonight you’ll dance with many, and you’ll save the last for me!”

“The normal drill, no honor still, I’ve always played outnumbered
Is it that you like to fail? I have often stopped to wonder
Thinking high dear friend of mine is none other than a blunder
You may strike as if you’re lightning, but you cannot tackle thunder!”

“Now save your breath and energy, you’ll need both soon enough
We’ll see how good you really are, and then we’ll see how tough
Your mouth invites some dangerous guests with knives beneath their cuff
And of us two you’ve more to lose so I think I’ll call your bluff!”

“Well go ahead and call it King, while hiding like you do
Should I slow down to help you out? I’m so fast compared to you
And to the ladies hiding in the grass ... are there any of you new?
Or is this the team I’ve played before, who’d be better in a zoo?”

(The crowd had slowly backed away the whole time, but at this they all really found some distance.)

The lions sank low and disappeared.
The zebra inhaled, exhaled, and became a statue ...

The chants were over now, racing feet the only sound
The most serious of contests as they tore across the ground
And when the dancing finished sunrise came and surely found ...
One was standing in the distance and the other lying down