Anthem Of The Savanna

by Duncan Jones

One day a young gazelle watched as an old gazelle ran. He ran and ran and ran, back and forth, over and over, faster and faster. So the young one asked, “Why is it that you run?” And the older one answered, “Let me tell you something that an old gazelle once told me, and that an old zebra once told him, and that all the runners learn in time ...

Why is it I run? Well you ought to know son!
Boy I tell you that you should be glad to
No you can’t outrun time, but you can run with
And I promise that one day you’ll have to

Back in days past there were those who would laugh
But you know? ... Ain’t seen them in a while
I guess when you laugh you just don’t run that fast
Or perhaps they in time changed their style

This life’s hard enough for those who are tough
I suggest you remember this chant
When the night calls your name and they’re comin’ your way
Hard to listen if you have to pant

So back on the line yes right now for it’s time
Better run if you want to survive
Better tear up this dirt and not quit when it hurts
Trust me ...
You’ll love it when you’re still alive

Every day you must choose, every day pay your dues
Have respect for yourself, nothing’s free
Out here under the sun there lives only one
Who can bring me down, and it’s me.”