Belle, The Cat

by Duncan Jones

Belle, the cat, was mighty fat
As queen she reigned supreme
She had on lock the entire block
And all that roamed between

“She isn't nice!” said rats and mice
And squirrels and little birds
From fence to fence grew very tense
The tone among their words

“Be careful what you wish for!”
Said the owl from wings above
“For time may bring a different thing
That isn't what you love ...”

No mind was paid though, plans were made
When one with wondrous vision
Grown tired of their life of strife
Set out upon a mission

And though attacked he made it back
Was celebrated well
His clothes were tattered, torn up
But the queen now wore a bell

“Be careful what you wish for!”
Said the owl atop his tree
“For all that can and what you plan
May sometimes disagree ...”

But safety fell across the block
With the great white huntress pinned!
And it wasn't very long before
Their queen was looking thin

Her every movement shouted loud
Not one had fallen since
And the hero brave who'd dashed and saved
Now lived much like a prince

“Be careful what you wish for!”
Said the owl each day by day
“Your queen has not yet fallen
There's time yet to let her stay ...”

But they loved their lack of danger
They loved their life of ease
No longer did they listen
To what had to say the breeze

And then one day one came to say
That the queen had run afar
The owl had seen her lounging
In a nice old lady's yard

“This is what we wished for!”
So they shouted to the owl
Who then swooped down upon them
And met them with a scowl

“A throne will not sit empty!
Ha! No, there will be no drought!
Have you never stopped to think of
Who your queen was keeping out?

Oh tonight they will be coming
From yards and blocks around
And this time listen, keep in mind
Not one will make a sound!”

So it wasn't very long before
Belle didn't seem so mean
But she was sleeping far away
Being treated like a queen