Gingerbread Man

by Duncan Jones

Gingerbread man, catch him if you can man
An artful dodger, no, he’s never had a plan
Steps to the side with an easiest stride
Never even tried, got his shoes untied!

One trips up, Two's got a frown
Three yells something, and Four falls down
Five goodbye! Six and Seven
Eight, Nine, Ten! There goes Eleven
Twelve's a joke, Thirteen too
Fourteen's done before he knew
Fifteen's so mad he turns red
And Sixteen simply shakes his head

Gingerbread girl, pretty as a pearl girl
That artful dodger’s makin’ her head swirl
Look at her go though the girl's got wheels
Fast as that, even in high heels!

"Not tonight, another time
That sounds fun, but that's when I'm ...
Busy with this thing I got
So only if it's not too hot
I really must get my beauty slumber
How did you even get my number?
No thank you, I don't like wine
Sorry, take your place in line!"

Gingerbread man, gonna need a plan man
Now he's runnin' from her just as fast as he can
Look at her go, oh she's out of sight
First time he been seen with his shoes tied tight

Gingerbread girl, never lost a race
They might have given chase, but they couldn’t keep pace
He doesn't have a chance, oh the girl's got wheels
Especially now not wearin' high heels

Good luck son, she’s on your tail
Might learn to swim, or go set sail
Not quite sure what you’re gonna do
Kinda looks like she’s faster than you
Gotta stay strong, gotta keep goin’
Pick it up now, looks like he’s slowin’
Here she comes, go! Time to get gone
And just like that ... the race is on!

Gingerbread man holdin’ Gingerbread girl’s hand
Gingerbread plans and a gingerbread band
And the rumors and news that the whole town tells
“Soon there are gonna be gingerbread bells"

Gingerbread house now, what's that noise?
Gingerbread girls, runnin' gingerbread boys
Gingerbread toys, how she changed his plot!
That’s how the Gingerbread man finally got caught!