Happy Mother's Day

by Duncan Jones

Oh Dearest Greatest Mother! Now where shall I begin?
How 'bout at the beginning? And then I'll finish at the end

Thank you for one day wanting the most absurd-est thing to want
The commitment of a lifetime! No thanks ... I think I'm good with a croissant

And then for reasons foreign as a baseball game in France
Another chore? No no ... two more! In all three to soil their pants!

Three never-leaving visitors who paid not a dime in rent
Who needed more attention no matter how much time was spent

Who grew up rather quickly as so many of them do
And despite a plethora of words ... rarely seemed to find "Thank you."

So thank you for so many things like pictures, food, and class
And instead of school-like summer camp, letting us destroy the grass

Thank you for clothing, salads, vitamins, holidays, and cars
Straight teeth and fluent English, and no horrifying scars

Thank you for sugar cookies, Jurassic Park twice in the theater
For how many plastic Easter eggs? For the A/C and the heater

Thank you for the trampoline, simply fighting through exhaustion
Pool passes, every ride to school, and not selling us at auction

Thank you for my hands and feet, I still use them quite a lot
Thank you for always thinking whenever we thought not

Thank you for boogie boarding, letting us run and run and run
Not one day off in over 30 years, I’d say you've earned a "Hey, well done!"

And sometimes when I’ve not much time, and I think my life is rough
I look back, then I think again, “Man, Mom is really tough.”

So thank you for my easy life and beds and sheets and covers
Happy Mother's Day! I love you! I'm very lucky you're my mother!