I Am The Everything Wild

by Duncan Jones

I’m the eyes in the grass
I am those who run fast
I’m that lone silhouette in the night
I’m no one dares to be first
Though they’re dying of thirst
I’m the shimmers of water that bite

I’m the silence and heat
I’m the quietest feet
I’m the one who makes all so unsure
I’m the cold and the snow
And the “Go baby GO!”
The stampede that turns life to a blur

I’m the vulture so high
Distant rain in the sky
I’m the wind that can bring it this way
I’m the smoke and the fire
I’m the trickster and liar
I’m the one who says, “NO! Not today!”

I’m the incoming end
I’m the “You or your friend?!”
I’m the hint of the fin of a shark
I’m the still wide awake
I’m the unmoving snake
I’m the madness that comes in the dark

I’m the “Made it through strife!”
I’m the ones who love life
I’m the sweet sound of birds in the trees
I’m the “I got your back
I’ll watch out for attack!”
I’m the honey that comes from the bees

I’m the dragons and flowers
And mystical powers
I’m the waves that shall never be tamed
I’m the forests and beaches
And jungles that teach us
I’m the ones who are too wild for names

I’m the “Better not trip!”
I’m the luckiest grip
I’m the ears that hear any and all
I’m the one who will run
Until rises the sun
I’m the loud voice that raises the call

I’m the “I stand my ground
So try! Come bring me down!”
I’m the one who just cannot be riled
I’m the blue and the green
And the mud in between