If I Were A Frog

by Duncan Jones

If I were a frog would I sit on a log?
Would I live in a bog and like being a frog?
Or would I wish that I were a dog?

And if I were a dog would I walk in the park?
Would I roll in the flowers? Would I like to bark?
I wonder if I’d be afraid of the dark ...

Not if I were a bat and saw with my ears
And lived upside-down in a cave without fear
But would I ever wish that I were a deer?

Who could run through the forest, so fast and so swift
Would I think of this as a most wonderful gift?
Or would I look to the sky and wish I could drift?

Like a bird through the clouds on nothing but wings
Would it make me so happy that I’d want to sing?
Or would I look down and wish I were a king?

Who ruled the savannah with no more than a roar
Would I be content and want nothing more?
Or would I dream of the waves crashing on the sea shore?

Well if I were a fish and had no need for air
I could surf through the waves without any care
But when I saw the land would I want to go there?

Living life as a seal I could give it a try
I could swim all day long then get out and be dry
Would I then wish to climb in the trees way up high?

Like a squirrel or a spider or cute sugar glider
So nimble and small I’d be quite the good hider
Would I then want to be a big, strong, tough fighter?

Maybe a grizzly bear who can be loud and mad
Then again, relaxing all day surely wouldn’t be bad
If I could just be the frog on that lily pad ...

Grass always looks greener when far away seen
Because you simply can’t see the mud in between
So just take a step back and yours too will look green!

Whoever you are and whatever you do
From the talents you have to the gum that you chew
Always remember that it’s great to be you!