Keeping Up Appearances

by Duncan Jones

The giant king would do no thing to stress himself the least
The only time he’d rise and shine? The hour of a feast
“Unbecoming of the strong and cunning, a show is rather low
For all the land of every band should surely, simply know
The gazelle was surprised that golden eyes planned not for interferences
But the lion bold just yawned and rolled … "All in keeping up appearances.

Now look at you and what you do ... it really does no good
Back and forth you prove your worth, but real strength is understood
You train and train, but you are vain, all know that you are fast
Yet on and on, you’re here then gone, you’ve yet to learn of class!”
The gazelle came close, near nose to nose, "You know not of perseverances!”
When the lion snapped, the gazelle jumped back! “All in keeping up appearances!”