La Mexicana And The Scot

by Duncan Jones

La Mexicana and the Scot
Shared a love so very hot
Though they knew it not at first the night they met
The Scotsman hardly was a schmuck
But, like all guys, needed luck
Because for her “love at first sight” it wasn’t yet

The Scot was handsome, strong
But sounded harsh, unlike a song
And because of this she said, “No thanks!” to whiskey
"For me tequila or Corona
I’m not sold on his persona
And his style just doesn’t leave me feeling frisky!"

Not suave, not abrasive
Just his manners not persuasive
Until she heard a sweet, familiarrrr rrrroll
And though it wasn’t “off to bed ...”
La Mexicana turned her head
For something in the air called to her soul

What it was ... that Scottish burrrr
That grabbed and captivated herrrr
And while staring, “¡Dios mio! What a trill!
Oye, Gringo! You sound like me!
While at first it seemed unlikely
Perdón, I’ll try that whiskey now, I will!”

Then she said, “I like your R’s!” (arse)
And he answered, "I like yours!”
In a snap had met the two from distant lands
And it wasn’t very long before
They both knew that they wanted more
And quickly moved along to bigger plans

Now much older, some will ask of them
"What's the secret? Now, and then?
So happy have you been since you were young!"
The Scotsman smiles and looks her way
La Mexicana says, “Ok ...
It’s always been the way he use his tongue!”