Ladybug Green

by Duncan Jones

The dangerous orange of the tiger
The jet black eyes of a seal
Silhouettes who run when gone is the sun
And the eerie way that they feel

The hints of purple in lightning
The gold of the jungle’s king
The silvery light of a winter’s night
How it’s almost trying to sing ...

Just a glance of the fire's dance
And then I love red for a while
The blues and the grays of the crashing waves
Will always make me smile

The flamingo is colored of confidence
The gazelle is the color of speed
The parrot ... He flew through a rainbow
And has everything now that he needs

And then the colors of stories ...
Turquoise of a dragon’s scales
The infinite yellow of desert wildflowers
The dark blue shadows of whales

The black and the white of the stars in the sky
A scene from a zebra’s dream
But my favorite by far that I’ve ever seen
Will always be ladybug green!