Leaves On The Trees

by Duncan Jones

The dream is the easiest part
Ideas are leaves on the trees
Everybody you meet has fifty at least
For every time that they sneeze

So many have wondered for long
Asked of the secret, how?
But alas the answer has never once changed
The magical word is “now”

What if you trip? YOU WILL
What if you’re wrong? OF COURSE
Think, what could’ve been more impossible
Than riding the first wild horse?

So if you have thunk a great thought
But have not got the slightest clue how?
Then it’s time to get going, no, time is not slowing
The key to it all is “now”

Some will talk on, the mouths
Saying how it should be or once was
But all of life’s plans and golden advice
Still depend on the one who does

So hesitate not to go forth
Don’t fret whether fate will allow
For somebody out there shares your thought
And they just might be trying it now