Livin' On Vacation

by Duncan Jones

Some say I’m livin‘ on vacation
Guess I’m here well just because
Got no idea what I’m doin’
Not sure anybody does

Should probably find a better job
But life is easy ‘nuff right now
Or maybe when it comes down to it
I just really don’t know how

There’s a girl I still remember
And another that I like
Both always talkin’ “Where’s this goin’?”
But I just talk about my bike

Yeah I got another’s number
Gave it to me after all
I wonder if she’ll come out dancin’
Maybe might give her a call

Been a while in Austin, Texas
Everybody wants to come
I don’t think I understand it
Makes me think I might be dumb

Not movin’ but I’m lost
So do nothing, I’m not wrong
Not depressed I’m not excited
I just read and write my songs