Number Nine

by Duncan Jones

There’s a path through the woods
Where the big dog walks
“Let’s take the quick way”
Everybody talks
Best move along
One never shortcuts it
When the long way’s impossible
Number nine loves it

There’s a way to get big
Be strong, bold, bad
Did they do their homework?
They wish they had
One will train harder
Power through, rise above it
When the coaches yell, “Push it!”
Number nine shoves it

There’s a way to go fast
Way faster than that
No gossip, no rumors
No silly chit chat
The difference in the rest
And the best, one sums it
When the race is done, over
Number nine re-runs it

There’s a path to success
Did they put in the time?
It’s harder than it looks
To make the whole thing rhyme
It’s the smallest detail
And there’s one who adjusts it
Number nine gets paid!
Because number nine loves it

Be number nine.