Once Upon A Time A Lion Loved A Gazelle

by Duncan Jones

Once upon a time
A lion loved a gazelle
A silly story maybe
But a sweet one to tell

He said, “I like the way you run
So fast and free
One day I should hope
That you’ll come run with me!”

But she only laughed at him
And he felt a bit sad
Though every time he saw her
He still felt so glad

He said, ”I like the way you move
Such beauty and grace
I’d come run with you
If I could just keep pace!”

But she only said, “No!
You run with the buffalo
And the wildebeest and zebra
You must go where they go!”

He said, “I like the way you stand
Hearing danger in the grass
How you dance with no effort
Yet always with some sass!”

She smiled ...

“You wanna know why
You can’t chase me for fun?
Because even if you try ...
I’m not gonna run!”

A silly story maybe
But that’s the story of
The eyes in the grass
And the fast in love!