Perfect Johnny

by Duncan Jones

He was the greatest shortstop ever
The best to play the game
A natural, gifted prodigy
But you've never heard his name

They called him, "Perfect Johnny"
And oh was Johnny good
They could never get it past him
Though try and try they would

He was lightning fast and nimble
And he had a pitcher’s arm
No there never was a doubt -
He was the best one on the farm

He turned foul balls into outs
As the batters shouted, cursed
He could dive behind the line at third
And send a laser beam to first

He'd chase back into the outfield
Or sprint in toward the mound
Yes, wherever was the baseball
There was Johnny to be found

Of the twenty seven outs per game
He'd have a hand in twenty five
He owned the dirt near second, third
That's where Johnny was alive

But the majors never called him
No, he’d never be a fit
And I thought each time I struck him out
“Too bad this kid can’t hit ...”