Reply To The Laddies

by Duncan Jones

Thank you and thank you
That was lovely, quite nice
And now it’s our turn, I’ll start
With some classic advice

That my mother once told me
So please question her not
I’ve got more that just this ...
Sit tight boys, I’ve got a lot

Sticks and stones may break your bones
But words are so much worse
For dareth we to disagree
And you all look shocked and cursed

Yes .. here's to you Laddies
The strong ones, the men
Who in so many ways
Are still nine ... maybe ten

Open one can of tuna
And you think you can cook
Wow, cereal again?
Where’d you learn that? A book?

You’re so quick to lift weights
Run fast, open doors
White knights in armor
And yet so scared of chores

So I’m gonna tell y’all a secret
(I never thought that I would)
But secrets are for telling
And seriously, this one is good

We each keep a magical wand
On an invisible shelf
And it waves when men sleep ...
And the house cleans itself

Mani-pedi’s? Yes please.
And mimosas? Yeah, two!
Because maybe, just maybe
We need small breaks from you

See, after so many Hell yeah!’s
Nice bro!’s and High-Five!'s
We find ourselves reading Cosmo ...
Improving our lives

You are handsome and strong
And we love you, we do
But let’s not forget
We love ourselves too

Great deeds by great men
No doubt are easy to find
But if y’all are really so smart
Then tell me ... what’s on my mind?

You have charted our world
And explored distant skies
But with an unhappy queen
The king sure looks unwise

Hashtag sorry, not sorry
Well I guess I am just a bit
But they say the truth is like poetry
Most people just don’t like it

You guys can do anything
And I really mean what I say
But you're just not seen as cool
Until we look your way

That jeep sure looks better
With one of us in the seat
Yeah ... we make you look awesome
Even when you can’t hear the beat

Y’all make fun of our interests
Say we make a big fuss
And yet the last time I checked
It’s still you who chase us

Now, now and there, there
Remember, I say this in jest
So here's to you laddies
Much love, muah, you da best