Somewhere The Sun Had Finally Won

by Duncan Jones

The forest had begun to stir
The faintest feeling felt
The lightest, far off drum beat
As the ice began to melt

The first and few emerged alone
The wind had lost its bite
And though the night was cold and dark
They tiptoed into sight

Light and silent silhouettes
Then groups began to show
Trees grew full of watchful eyes
While shadows moved below

So slowly and so carefully
But then came swifter feet
The frozen spell now broken
As the many came to meet

Dancing came antlers
From the hills the running packs
The stars were hidden by the wings
And the snow grew full of tracks

Right behind them snorting, massive horns
The giant claws who roar
And though the night was cold and dark
The forest slept no more

All gathered close, then silence
As they listened for the sound
That pitter, patter tapping
Tapping, tapping on the ground

And when it was decided
All agreed upon and true
With an easy calm they vanished
As the wild know how to do

The drums beat lightly through the night
And on into the day
For somewhere the sun had finally won …
And spring was on the way