The Arrow And The Wind

by Duncan Jones

The arrow sailed on upwards
And sharp eyes quickly found
The terrified young target
Hunching, hiding on the ground

Then arrow spoke into the wind
“Should we be on a team ...
So much we could accomplish
More than either of us dream!

I could sail so far and high
And straight and oh so true
My range would change I know it!
All of course because of you!

They all could run and run and hide
And zig and zag and dance
With you I’d chase from anywhere ...
Not one would have a chance!”

The wind said only nothing ...
Seemed to listen to its master
For higher, higher then back down
Arrow raced on faster, faster

And as the end was coming
Said wind, “A tempting show!
But I like where you are going
And so my answer’s “‘NO!’”

Then pushed the arrow to the side
With just the calmest ease
And the hunched and hiding in the grass
Felt just the calmest breeze

So the arrow landed downwards
And never was he found
He heard his target run away
And now he’s hiding in the ground