The Beach

by Duncan Jones

The rolling ocean, blue and gray
The white sand in the sun
The frisbees and the volleyballs
The smiles from everyone

The inner tubes and barbecues
The babies and the toys
The giant castles made of sand
The pretty girls and boys

The turquoise of the shallows
And the kites up in the sky
The snow cones and umbrellas
And the muscles jogging by

The flip-flops and the towels
And the tan skin and the totes
The floating rafts and far away
The skiers and the boats

The singles and the families
The surfers and the boards
The lifeguards and their whistles
The bikinis and the shorts

The swimmers and the jellyfish
The barefoot soccer games
The sandbars and the stereos
The drinks with fancy names

The snorkels and the seashells
Sun lotion and sunglasses
The seagulls in the ocean breeze
How the beautiful day passes

Then one by one the families go
And soon the others too
And then the turquoise fades away
Into a deeper blue

And slowly sets the red-orange sun
And then the water's dark
And they'll all be back tomorrow
Because no one saw the shark