The Bird Feeder And The Squirrels

by Duncan Jones

The bird feeder was untouchable
The wire line that held it strong
A half dome blocked the entire top
No one could hold on long

Far too tall for deer to reach
And a bowl caught all the spills
Even flying squirrels could get close
Despite their range of skills

But still they tried consistently
"Did you see how close I came though?"
Each time so carefully down the line
Results always the same though

A graceless fall in front of all
Then another took his turn
As the first would slink back to the group
Never stopping once to learn

Until one day they arose to find
A squirrel with quite a treasure
She had seeds piled high up to the sky
Much more than they could measure

"How in the world did you get such food?"
They all asked the younger squirrel
For each one was amazed at how much
Had the younger girl

"How did you get to the feeder?"
There was greed behind their words
"I didn't," she smiled and looked around
"I was simply nice to the birds"

"There's got to be more!" now cried the horde
"It can't be as easy as that!"
"Easy? Oh no!" she said, "The hard part
Was making a deal with the cat!"