The Chase Was On

by Duncan Jones

The cheetah flattened in the grass
Accelerating fast
In no more time than none at all
The herd was flying past

All knew exactly who he was
No chance to think, just run
Each time that he was spotted
Meant the herd was missing one

The very best, as if a shark
Who never missed his mark
He was faster than the light of day
And faster in the dark

And this time had his sights upon
A certain young gazelle
Who so stumbled in the chaos
Looked as if she nearly fell

She stepped aside though just in time
For an instant face to face
"No problem ..." snarled the cheetah
"My favorite part's the chase!"

Lightning now the quick gazelle
Was dancing, dodging, gone
Behind her ran the faster cat
And ohhhh ... the chase was on

But when the dust had settled
And was clear again the air
The gazelle, well she was ok
Just the cheetah standing there

Then close enough to tempt again
But not quite face to face
The gazelle smiled at the cheetah
"And MY favorite part's the race!"