The Color Garden

by Duncan Jones

In a world just past where all can see
Not hardly out of reach
(Where it is cannot be told
Not something one can teach)

Life is made of colors and wind
As fluid as a wave
Where deer are made of butterflies
And wonderfully things behave

Where the hint of a breeze may pass one by
And a snowflake flower twirl
And introduce with much delight
A beautifully feathered squirrel

Or a rabbit hiding in the grass
Seen if one will look just right
She’s waiting out the seashell rain
And waiting for the night

And in the night the foxes rush
Slow motion, not a sound
Their movements made of fireflies
That light the summer ground

A land of majesty and gardens
The meeting place of dreams
Where everything always surely is
Never quite the way it seems

Hush now come! The gardens call
Performers soon appear
Out of air the colors form
Now hear them coming near

See the peacocks with their sunset plumes
Become comets in the sky
Whose streaming tails turn into whales
And then to leaves …. Goodbye!

Then dragons and winged lions roar
And back and forth they dance
Soon they give way, for bursting forth
The rainbow zebras prance

Just like stars they come about
And the color jungle grows
But this forever song that’s playing
Is only seen when eyes are closed