The Creature In The Cave

by Duncan Jones

There’s a creature in a cave so dark
In the forest in the hills
And when one passes near or by
Comes a feeling bringing chills

Was a time he lived among us
Though I really can’t say when
So we’ll go back a bit too far
And start our story then

“I’d like some flowers!” said the maiden
And he must have overheard
Off to the forest running fast!
But he never said a word

If he had they would have stopped him
Saying what they knew
For in the forest with the flowers
An evil darkness grew

So wandering he lost himself
The shadows soon aware
The walking trees became a maze
The game was just not fair

He looked around and found a cave
"Guess I’m back the other way."
But each turn he made led to the same
Night was taking over day

Then came the howls a bit too close
And the gusts a bit too cold
And the flowers he was holding
Were losing color, turning old

The shadows moved among the trees
So into the cave to hide
He watched the eerie darkness dance
And quietly he sighed

“How nice of you to bring me flowers!”
A lovely voice then said
His eyes adjusting there he saw
Was the maiden on her bed

Looking down the flowers glowed
So full of life, so bright
And thinking not, he gave to her
And laughter pierced the night

She disappeared, the shadows came
They danced from all around
And in her place a creature stooped
Who hunched and faced the ground

This creature with such lonely eyes
Grew handsome, strong, and tall
And our friend who found the flowers
Became the most grotesque of all

The handsome made to run away
Passed by without a glance
At the entrance of the cave he stopped
"Sorry for this circumstance!

You set me free, the cave is yours!
Until you too receive a gift
And trade places with somebody else
Through the forest maze you’ll drift!”

But this one good soul desires not
To trade places with another
For when my turn came he shied away
"I can’t take this from you brother."

And from time to time some say they find
A bouquet set out alone
With a note, “I got you flowers
I just couldn’t get back home.”