The Day They Came

by Duncan Jones

The day they came we woke up
As as if we all had grown
So strange how certain company
Can make you feel alone

The day they came we woke up
We showed them all our toys
How quickly though we’d think it best
To not make any noise

Perhaps we still were innocent
Or perhaps we’d not been wise
We had made such great commotion
And we’d sent it to the skies

We’d sent it to the distant moons
And farther even still
It was fine, of course, no problem
But it's always fine "until"

The religions lost their answers
Politicians lost their voices
For the first time we were quiet
And we thought about our choices

That day our sky looked different
But it had never been our friend
That backyard where we’d tussled
Had been a jungle with no end

We’d forgotten the rules of the wild
Said that part was over, done
But survivors know to be silent
When there’s nowhere you can run

The day they came we woke up
We stared, eyes big and bright
How quickly we’d miss problems past
And the reasons we would fight

But lucky us, they moved along
We’d glimpsed the dangerous jaws
And humbled now, heads low we know ...
We have no teeth or claws

No, we never left the jungle
But we’d fast become a team
For “we are not alone” was true
And we wished it still a dream