The Dragon And The Whale And The Brave Little Girl (Dark Version)

by Duncan Jones

This is the tale of a girl and a whale
Who swam to the dragon’s lair
The whale pulled the boat in which she was afloat
And she liked the wind in her hair

See some time before, a few months, maybe more
A great dragon had taken some sheep
Or maybe some horses or maybe some cows
Who knows? Because all were asleep

Well the dragon came back, but this time he was tracked
On his trail the trackers grew hotter
But the dragon broke loose burning straight through the noose
And made off with a farmer’s daughter

This made the wife worry, and so she told the story
To every last person in town
And was not very long ‘til a bard wrote a song
And some heroes came in from all ‘round

(Now the setting’s been set, if you’re betting then bet
This story’s one nobody knows
A dragon, some heroes, a maiden distressed,
Can you guess where this story goes?)

One by one they all trekked as the town would select
The next when no word ever came
Soon though it was clear, nearly passed half a year
And the kingdom was feeling ashamed

Right then’s about when a brave girl grabbed a pen
Wrote the king, and delivered her letter
She said, “I’ll get them all back and guarantee no attack
Sounds silly? Tell me who has done better?

Yes the captured still live, and my help’s here to give
I’ve just days though to get them all home
See, the dragon’s been planning a great dinner worth having
I’ll need a boat I can sail all alone.”

Two days later she sailed and in time roped a whale
“Take me straight to the dragon’s cave!”
He smiled a great smile and inhaled for a while
Then she saw the giant tail wave

Through the night the whale dove and when arrived in a cove
He came up and said, “We are near!
She could smell a great stew, she had to hurry she knew
Said the whale, “I’ll keep the boat here.”

Way up high she did climb, way up high she did find
The dragon preparing a feast
“Dragon!!!! Hold it right there! Don’t you move don’t you dare!
I’m not scared of any great beast!”

Well the dragon, so scared, quickly fired and flared
Oh my, now this didn’t look good
But he finally calmed down coming back to the ground
Where the brave little girl simply stood

“Are you done? That was sad, now you’re making ME mad,
Can you please go and get all my friends?
You’re not fun when you whine, and it’s past my bedtime
And I don’t want to ask you again.”

Believe me now please, to see a dragon just freeze
Is a sight that most never will see
But that day way up high among others was I
Who was thrilled that she came to save me!

"Well if that’s how you feel, then let’s make a deal!"
Said the dragon as he swallowed his pride
"Good!" said the girl, as she grinned back at him
"There’s a whale for you tied up outside."

So we piled in the boat, now with sailors to sail
That whole bit of business quite grim
I can still see the look on the mighty whale’s face
When he saw us all waving at him

But the kingdom was saved by a smart little girl
No more dragon was seen in the sky
Because after that feast until this very day
That dragon’s still too fat to fly!