The Dreaming Tree

by Duncan Jones

In a village was a tree so full of leaves
Where lived a dragon who spent all his time asleep
And his sleep was full of dreams so full of tales
Of adventures full of flying with great whales

The whales knew distant oceans of all types
Blue, green, yellow where far run the spots and stripes
Despite his size and wings that filled the sky
No time to fight, left many asking, “Why?”

Was colored, made of life, not black and red
Was green and blue, the dreaming tree his bed
He brought his stories back, and so they came
To see and hear adventures told in flames

Then one day village woke, “You can’t stay here!
You’re calm you say but bring too many fear!”
Dragon flew into the sky so full of clouds
Said the fishermen, “Such trouble comes from crowds.”

Now dreams begin to wander without hosts
And in wandering they quite resemble ghosts
For they must be inspirations to the bold
But when left to tell themselves they can’t be told

The magic gone, said town, “Call dragon back!”
In the darkness couldn’t find, the sky was black
One rode a kite across the clouds that night
And found the blue and green … Oh what a sight!

Was one of just as many distant stars
All flew with hints of color, hints of scars
“I can’t go back, so sorry, I must stay
But keep a secret and you too may fly away!”

Now the tree is empty, town so safe and sound
And one often flies a kite and can’t be found
So if you wake a dragon … must be nice
It’s only dreamers who shall ever wake him twice