The Fire Tails

by Duncan Jones

Came the silent wings
With warnings from above
“The fire tails!
Hurry find the ones you love!”

The snow it flew
But the owls had not made haste
The forest shone
The wings had been outpaced

Stood silent one
Who’d seen this all before
“Don’t like this game
Won’t play it any more …”

Watched his own
Such terror in the night
So into the fire
On quick feet so swift and light

The fire chased
And followed through the cold
Onto the ice …
Their fury made them bold

Then swift feet slowed
Let angry wolves come close
Saw the faces
A survivor never knows

"We got you!" laughed long tongues
With vicious eyes
"I hoped you would"
Said the hare to their surprise

Their fires raged
The ice grew thin and weak
Now no longer
Come the fire tails to seek

Some cold nights see their
Ghosts chase here or there
But those tails
Shall never catch the daring hare