The Golden Rule

by Duncan Jones

“The water's to be shared!”
Cried the horde around the shore
But the golden cat just stared ...
“And yet soon after you'll want more!

Yes, soon you'll ask for shade
And have requests for when I stalk
No, the rules have all been made
So I suggest you take a walk!”

“Have you not a care about us?
We must soon have a drink
And you cannot live without us
You have pushed us to the brink

The golden rule applies to you
As it does to all who live
As king you must know this is true
It's only just for you to give!”

Roared the lion, laughing, strong
Now showing teeth and claws
“I've heard before your sorry song
Do not preach to me of laws!

For I too have a golden rule ... though
Not the desperate cry of fools
It says, “‘The one who has the gold
Is the one who makes the rules!’”

And tense, the herds moved inward
But the lion held his ground
So no one else stepped forward
And no one made a sound

Until came forth the rhino bursting
With shoulders high, head low
“The grass is hot, I'm thirsty!
And there's nowhere else to go!”

And the lion moved to chase him
And loudly hissed, “No way!”
But when the rhino turned to face him
The king changed his mind ... “Ok!”