The Gorilla And The Ladybug

by Duncan Jones

The gorilla and the ladybug
Started quite the conversation
And so in words that follow
A reconstructed observation ...

“I’ve decided no more will I hide it!”
Gorilla slammed his fists and shrugged
“No one knows but here I go ...
My best friend is the ladiest bug!”

Then silence ... but on banks nearby
A massive grizzly bear
Who startled, quickly turned in fright
For they'd caught him unaware

But when he looked and saw the two
He smiled and climbed a tree
Came back down and looked around
Said, “Meet my friend the bee!”

And that right there is how began
A show and tell of sorts
Between the biggest, baddest
And their much adored cohorts

So it wasn't two more minutes
When from water came to rise
A crocodile, a dinosaur
He said, “I love the dragonflies!”

“No way!” exclaimed a rhino
Doing quite a fancy dance
“I thought that I was most alone
But my best friends are ants!”

A roaring rumbled through
The king came charging, smiling
“And I know you’ll love them too ...

I love their wings! I swear they sing!
I think they’re oh so pretty!
And did you know that all I’ve met
Are clever and quite witty!?!?”

All exchanged a look or two
‘Twas becoming quite the sight
When trumpeted the tusked bull

Perhaps he was a bit too loud ...
For all with wide eyes froze
But they were staring at the water
As a giant fin arose

Belonging to a giant shark
So shrieked out loud the bear
The shark then said “I'm sorry!
But deep water makes me scared!

I do not mean to frighten you
It's just that I'm a shark
And I swim at night with those who glow
Because I do not like the dark.”

Then the buffalo, the leopard
The hippo, the giraffe
Even the hyena
Who wouldn’t dare to laugh

The day continued on like this
Each introducing friends
The small who tame the oh so strong
Surprise time and again

And that night when the moon was high
In languages unnamed
Many versions of this ending
But each message was the same ...

All that day had realized
“Though differently we’re made
If you will be the sunlight
Then I will be the shade.”

And all went to bed happy.