The Great Mistake

by Duncan Jones

The beloved royal family
Was overthrown from one within
But the new king never settled in
Could never finally win

The coup was clever, organized
And carried-out so well
But in short time he’d lose his prize
Is now another one that fell

Of the conquered, fallen royals
Each was sentenced to the rope
But would rise the kingdom's people
Filled with fire, full of hope

For before it all had ended
A great mistake by the new king
In attempting to gain favor
He let the fallen princess sing

And that’s when it was over
That's where everything went wrong
Now legends, tales told in the streets
Are the stories of her song

A song sung often in their homes
And sung the way they speak
A common tune the kingdom knew
Meant to calm and heal the weak

Unwavering, her voice sailed on
She refused to show them fear
She never got to be their queen
But their love for her was clear

Alone and stronger than an army
She became their rally cry
And when the new king lost the throne
No one wondered how or why

So while the new crown didn't last
He is remembered for one thing ...
When mistakes are made the people say, "It's ok!
It's not as if you let the princess sing!”