The Idle Commentary Of Your Girl

by Duncan Jones

Ryan Gosling! Babies! Chocolate!
Weddings! Pinterest! Shopping!
OMG! Is he the one?
I ate too much, I’m stopping

Today’s my cheat day. I want sushi!
God I need some coffee
He’s been gone five minutes and
He hasn’t even called me

You’re so pretty! She’s a bitch!
I can’t believe he likes her!
This morning there was too much snow
I broke my windshield wipers

It’s hot. I’m cold. Let’s go lay out!
Let’s go get mani pedis!
I’m starving, but I shouldn’t eat
Do you know what you’re getting?

Oh they look cute! Whatevs, so lame!
He’s basically obsessed
Pinkberry saved my life today
I think my cat’s depressed

Should I get bangs? Should I get fries?
Should I upgrade my phone?
These shoes are cute! I hate these shoes!
I just really want to tone

Which street is north? What should I wear?
How long you think we’ll stay?
Now my feet are killing me
I swear it’s on the way

Did they touchdown? Margaritas!
Plus his family’s wealthy
I just need some time for me
I can’t, I’m eating healthy

Yoga! Smoothies! Bootcamp! Tweet it!
I want queso dammit!
Engagements! Baby showers! Rings!
Wait let me Instagram it

I’m so damn freaking bored today
I just don’t have the time
Are you writing all my quotes?
No! Don’t you dare say that they’re mine!