The Interview

by Duncan Jones

The savanna was in quite an uproar
And by that I intend no pun
Today was the day that all had awaited
A big day for everyone

They came in from far, they came in from wide
And many had covered much ground
Traveled to see the most famous gazelle
That no hunter could seem to bring down

He had finally been persuaded to talk
(He did not like to grant interviews)
Some said his secret was a fountain of youth
Some said he wore magical shoes

But guesses aside all soon would find out
And they gathered in close and found seats
The flamingo reporter was looking quite fine
The setting sun was losing its heat

The audience chattered, a mix of all sounds
Then the elephants trumpeted loud
The most famous gazelle walked onto the stage
And the flamingo turned to the crowd …

“Thank you everyone for joining
We’re so glad you could make it today
Many have come to listen and learn
Welcome predators, welcome prey …

Gazelle, the leopards have all but given up
The hyenas no longer will try
Wild dogs with their numbers even all say
‘We will catch him when warthogs can fly.’”

At this the zebras and wildebeests chuckled
And the crocodiles just had to shrug
One lion was taking the whole thing quite hard
And his pride had to give him a hug

“For much time you’ve made many look silly
Some say you have lived past your years (boooooooo)
Many though say that you are a hero (yayyyyyyyy)
Still more that you have no fears (wowwwwwwww)

But one thing we all can agree on
You tempt fate, then are off like a whip
So now please tell us all, how is it done?” …
The gazelle shrugged and said, “Don’t trip.”