The Jungle's Prince

by Duncan Jones

The jungle's prince, a lovely one
By the standards of his kind
He’d lounge around
He’d swing on down
He’d see what he could find

The wild life seemed to treat him well
As wild lives surely can
With food supplied
Good spots to hide
No problem with the plan

But then one day the monkey saw
A treasure shining bright
Way far below
It beckoned so
It even shined at night

Down, down the princely monkey climbed
And then up, up once more
Where on a limb
Now sat with him
A thing unseen before

It showed him who he really was
How beautiful, how fun
How handsome
How exquisite
And the news took off to run

It wasn’t very long before
The curious many came
Each took a turn
But with concern
They turned away the same

"What is wrong with all of you!?”
The taken monkey asked
But the jungle knew
What looks like you
"Is just the crocodile masked!"

Their reflections brought alarm
“That is the oldest trick!
For those who stare
Are unaware
And neither sharp nor quick!"

"Fools!" The smarter monkey sighed
"Elephant! Help me out!
I trust your eyes
Can see the prize
Tell them what it's about!"

But the giant tusks said, "Sorry
It's a mystery to me
What's the thrill
Of sitting still?
It just shows what all can see!

I see no magic here at all
I see no special cause
I hope that you
Know what to do ...
The jungle has its laws ..."

It’s a lesson that they all had learned
They’d all known someone caught
“Stare too long
And you’ll be gone”
Was how the young were taught

And so the curious many left
They went their separate ways
While the monkey sat
Just looking at
Himself for days and days

But alas, he is remembered
For the shadows tiptoed nearer
The tale of the prince
Begins ever since
"When the monkey found a mirror ..."