The Lady On Safari

by Duncan Jones

I can see you’ve all been waiting
Well your time will be here soon
So have just a bit more patience friends
And we shall dance beneath the moon

I’ve done bad things, and was the best
Oh yes I’ve done them well
Still in my prime, and yet it’s time
A truth that no one wants to tell

Must say never had a taste for this
Was just born with tools of a trade
So don’t be naive, you see long before me
The decisions for us were made

Cared not for the rules, but cared for one
I was not supposed to chase
Cared not for the rules, but cared for one
And she had to run away

When made for the day, to live one way
How does one survive the night?
Hard to be king without something
That’s your reason enough to fight

Funny it is, that I liked you all more
No doubt how I ended up alone
They say was a time, my eyes would shine
Seems long ago now though

To be born to fight and own all in sight
Is to wander until the end
For the beast, the king, would trade all things
To know what is a friend

The moon is high, but still you hide
Don’t yet seem to want to dance?
You hesitate ... Thanks for the praise
Guess I’m still too great to chance

But don’t wait too long to play our song
Now’s good, I’m not ready to go
We all have waited for the wind to say when
Let’s at least put on a show ...

So tell me how long must I be king?
And tell me how long ... must I roam?
The eyes in the night, they say it’s all mine
But it’s never felt like home