The Last Race

by Duncan Jones

Out in the wild as everyone knows
Is a world much like ours, overflowing with shows
And some are for messages not very nice
And some are for reasons to make you look twice

And some nights they gather and prance all about
And some will tell stories, and some will just shout
So now for a tale from the one wearing stripes
For today and ago, for the crowd of all types ...

A great crowd was gathered to hear a tale telling
By the black and white horse of a cat and his belling

The zebra came prancing and dancing and proud
Moonlight showed his stripes to be perfect and loud

"It is called the last race when you run with the king
Yet I’ve done it three times!” he said with a ring

Oh how quickly all ears were set to his tune!
(For all love to hear who they fear’s a buffoon ...)

“First though! ... Shall I run it again? And add to the glory?"
And aloud laughed the crowd “Alright, on with the story!”

“Twas a day like tonight, only brighter and hotter
As I strolled all alone by myself by the water ...

When I first met the king he charged with a roar!
But I held my ground looking mean as the boar ...

And then as we found ourselves met face to face
He changed his royal mind, and was I who gave chase!

Oh he knew what he’d get!” Zebra slammed down his shoulder
And the loving crowd loved it, and the story grew bolder

“For that fire inside of me simply said, 'NO!'
And he knew that I’d fight like the great buffalo!

That I’d kick! That I’d thrash! That I’d not treat him kindly!
Or ... perhaps he took note of the rhino behind me!

Oh I wish you had seen it! Yes you, you, and you!
I know it sounds foreign my friends, but it’s is true!"

They shouted and cheered him and begged him and beckoned
Then quiet they hushed to hear time number second ...

"The next time I met him he sent forth his queens
But they all wore such gold, and the grasses wore greens ...”

And again the crowd howled at his quick witted rhymes
Only half the way through part two of three times

“So though they were many, I easily saw
As if I’d been spying a rainbow macaw!

I even looked back, laughing loud as I ran
As quickly, mind you, as a very slow man ...

Though before I jogged off, for just a moment I stared
And he knew that I’d wait for him, if he so dared ...

We both stood there in reeds where the river divides
And yes lucky for him ... on opposite sides!”

And when all had calmed down enough for part three
Zebra took a step back so that all eyes could see

"This last time, however ..." and he made his voice low
"They were so much more clever!" and he played up the show ...

"I saw the grass move, but there was no breeze
So I readied myself and steadied my knees

But then! Consumed with reminders that I am a horse!
I took off as fast as the cheetah of course!

So fast in fact (you can ask and they’ll say)
When I passed the gazelles they all thought I was gray!

Because who are we kidding? I dare not to fight
And outmatched I was from numbers to bite

So remember these words, and here’s the last part
Friends it’s good to be tough, better yet to be smart!”

And with that his tale ended, and he took a short bow
“Thank you much for your time, but I’ve got to go now!”

Yes, all were impressed with the white and the black
Especially the lions who watched in the back