The Lost One

by Duncan Jones

The empty forest creaked and cracked
As winter wind screamed through
And the wandering one now leaned to rest
Not knowing what to do

The night was cold, he’d been too bold
And found himself now lost
Each turn the same, this unfair game
He was losing to the frost

The creaks and cracks, the eerie sounds
Each ever closer coming
And then the sound of something big ...
That’s when he started running

But the snow so deep enough to keep
From moving very fast
Through tears he fought and tried to hide
Then a giant beast ran past

Part ghost perhaps, part horrid thing
Now as if he were a child
The lost cried “Please!” from behind a tree
But the beast, it only smiled …

“Well what’s the rush, dramatic much?
Now hush and have no fear
Someone had to scare the wolves away
The trail’s right over here …”