The New King

by Duncan Jones

The royal mane was on display
Walked slowly, head held high
They weren't sure if they liked him yet
But of course each one would lie

And smile and dote and compliment
And offer great advice
And if ever he should disagree
They'd say, "Right, sire, that is nice."

But things were looking good now
He made the others all feel sure
Like maybe nights wouldn't be so long
Or as dark as they usually were

This brilliant golden rival
Who had strolled right into town
Made easy work of what was there
And now would wear the crown

And they quickly grew to love him
He could quell the angry mob
Striped meat was always eaten
He was fast to do his job

He was lethal in the darkness
Silent, yellow eyes at night
Vicious, fierce, an understatement
Word spread, yes, he could fight 

His kingdom grew times four times two
Was adored, strong, kind and keen
So from pride to herds rang loud the words
"Long live the Queen!"