The Only Answer Was

by Duncan Jones

At a very young age he ran and played, and in the grass they stalked
They watched him when he moved about, they listened when he talked
The herd payed mind so none could find a chance to come and take
He did not know when one would slow to cover his mistake
“Will I rule the grass one day?” he wished, so often as youth does
“Only if you never want to,” the only answer was

At a faster age he swaggered, swayed, as in the grass they walked
He knew that they were watching, and he taunted when they balked
But through his show he didn't know they thought him not so hot
Returning to the herd that night he learned that one did not
“Will they know my name one day?” he wished, so often as youth does
“Only if you never meet them,” the only answer was

At his biggest age the babies played, his eyes and ears were locked
Grass swaggered, swayed, no sound it made, he let it as it mocked
The breeze rolled over smoothly, so cool, and danced away
And though the heat was coming back the grass still seemed to play
Toward unseen he moved between, as the watchful always does ...
“Good catch, perhaps another time ...” the only answer was