The Parrot And The Peacock

by Duncan Jones

The parrot thought himself an artist
Called himself a handsome scholar
Thought his brilliant use of color
Lifted him above the squalor

There were others in the jungle
To him they were the same though
He had no competition real
Unless you count the rainbow

The peacock's notion of himself
Was really much the same
He thought that looking stunning
Was the only worthwhile game

Oh he had heard of others
Though none could pass his test
He had no competition real
He simply was the best

So when the parrot met the peacock
Both said, “This is absurd!
I clearly am the prettiest
He's just another bird!”

But way deep down not either one
Could stand the other's thought
“And so we shall go searching
Until an answer have we got!”

The two, they traveled far and wide
Asking everyone they met
“Which one of us is prettiest?”
But no decision could they get

With the preferences split evenly
Only one vote still could swing
So they proposed their disagreement
Should be settled by the king

They asked the giant lion ...
“Tell us which do you prefer?”
But they both were flabbergasted
When the lion uttered ... “Her.

I prefer the zebra striped.”
The lion yawned and rolled
“I think you both are boring, go!
My answer has been told.”

The zebra rather flattered
Quickly gathered, “Well of course
I think it's only natural
That the king prefer a horse.”

The birds were quite insulted
“But we're the prettiest you'll find!”
Laughed the zebra, “I agree ...
But the king is color blind!”