The Queen's Revenge

by Duncan Jones

There's a big cat in the night somewhere
She's been circlin'
I build fires when the sun goes down
It’s not workin’
I realize now it was something bad
And I get the strong impression that she is very, very mad
I wonder out loud and I think she knows
That I never learned how to fight
I can’t see anything without the flames
And my knife is too clean and bright
So I make my bed, I rest my head
And lie wide awake hopin’ that I’m far ahead

The flames are not what keeps her away
She’s just waiting
She was raised for this, knows the worst of all
Is the anticipating
Oh she’s always around, she makes no sound
I see her tracks there on the ground
I can’t confess, there’s no one else to tell
And the nights are all so long
And the golden eyes don’t wear a bell
And I’m strong, but not that strong
The jungle has its price, yesterday was nice
What I would give now just to live it twice

She’s not going to let me explain
And it looks like rain