The Sparrow And The Stork

by Duncan Jones

Cried the stork unto the sparrow small
So sadly, feeling blue ...
"I have no voice to sing out loud
I know not what to do!

How I wish that I could serenade
The day and raise the sun
Like the rooster or the mockingbird
Be known by everyone!"

"I see," then said the sparrow
"But then again, I don't
For I hear your voice quite clearly
You can surely sing, but won't."

"Well I know that I'm allowed to"
Said the stork, "But I'm no good
I don't sound like all the others
So I do not think I should."

"No!" chirped the sparrow, "Call the day!
But do it not for fame
Sing because it's who you are
As much as is your name

My friend the doer of a something done
Is just the one who does
He's not the one who looks around
For 'why,' 'should,' or 'because!'"

"But what if they don't love me?
Asked the stork, "What if I fall?"
"Then get back up," the sparrow said
"And sing some more! Stand tall!"