The Star

by Duncan Jones

The cameras flashed, the papers talked
And the telephones all called
“You’re so this, so that, so wonderful!”
But with them she often stalled

It just wasn’t in her nature
Her secrets not to tell
She’d wave and smile and talk a while
But not give them much to sell

For this she was adored and praised
An example loved by most
And it seemed at every big to-do
She was the talk of every toast

Yet there were those who had to push
And try to make her crack
They’d do anything to rile her up
And talked behind her back

And one night on the carpet red
One camera too far pried
And asked about a question
And she very nearly cried

But with only class and grace she paused
“I must say you’re far too kind
It really is quite flattering
To know I’m on your mind

When I meet someone like you
I must thank you for my fame
You know so much about me
And I don’t even know your name.”

With that she turned and carried on
The epitome of style
And those watching on tv at home
Just couldn’t help but smile