The Sweet Girl, The Butterfly, The Bee

by Duncan Jones

The butterfly, he fluttered by
The sweet girl walked below
Through the grass the two they passed
The sweet girl did not know

The bumble bee came ‘round a tree
And saw the sweet girl walking
And also saw in grass so tall
A tail with eyes out stalking

The bee then buzzed, good time it was
Eyes just about to leap
Butterfly made haste while sweet girl chased
Both keeping her from teeth

Butterfly fluttered, Eyes they muttered,
“I don’t like the bee to bumble!
Now sweet girl run! For here I come
I am king of the jungle!”

So came the charging lion barging
Raging, running wild
Bumble bee tried and butterfly cried
But their voices just too mild

Sweet girl heard not but then she thought
"There’s shaking from the ground!”
Well one had heard their tiny words
The biggest ears around

Before she knew up high she flew
And landed way up top
Big gray said, “Nay! She’s mine today!”
And the lion had to stop

The floating wings, the one who stings
The tusks that scare the king
That’s quite the score and they adore
So that makes her the queen!

Whether happiness or times of stress
Be nice! Smile big! Sweet tone!
And the tails with eyes trying to surprise
Will find you’re not alone!