The Taurus And The Lioness

by Duncan Jones

The taurus and the lioness
Called not each other friend
Though they often met for dinner
And would often meet again

The bull held gleaming swords of black
The queen smiled knives of white
One dark as Earth and ruled the day
The other golden ruled the night

Their banter could be heard for miles
Across the open grass
And parents kept the young away
For the words were rather crass

The bull would taunt with insults
To which the lioness replied
Then the bull would snort and thrash
Making sure she never tried

But night would bring their words to life
Oh there would be a show!
The queen would slash and smile and hiss
The bull would stomp and throw

And dawn would always find him scarred
And resting somewhere shady
Would find the queen wore too much red
Unbecoming of a lady

Yet by midday they'd both be heard
As each assumed their part
With the taurus and the queen cleaned up
Once again the show would start

And each evening on a distant hill
Stood two of different types
The quick gazelle that you know well
And the horse that wears the stripes

They both would smile and pause a while
Then sigh, “From me to you ...
I'm so glad they have each other
For I do not like those two!”